Давление и объём для настоящего next level cleaning.

The pump system MB 44 Multi-pump system for complex cleaning needs.

The central unit of a complex cleaning system is the pressure unit - here the MB44 or MB66. This allows many cleaning applications on several mixers, buckets and distributors to be combined into one central cleaning system.

The industry-renowned high quality pumping units provide the cleaning power required for heavily soiled concrete mixers.

In doing so, Walter provides the right balance between pressure and water consumption, putting your concrete plant ahead in terms of economy and efficiency.

The A2-B single pump unit for smaller mixers

  • now commissioned with 4-6 pumps 
  • delivering 11kW / 1600 hp each of cleaning performance 
  • additional operation of hand lance equipment possible
The pump system MB 44 Multi-pump system for complex cleaning needs.


More efficient cleaning.
Optimized cleaning results.
Save on ressources.

Технические характеристики

Delivery capacity:

50-300 l/min / 13 - 80 gal/min

Operating pressure:

110 bar / 4350 psi

Motor capacity:

11-66 kW / 15 - 90 hp


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