When foaming is done with enthusiasm, 
it's next level cleaning.

Mobile cleaning systems CN 130

The CN130 is a mobile and universally applicable tool for your cleaning task. The compact unit with its small dimensions can also be used flexibly in small premises for pressure cleaning, foam cleaning and for disinfection.

The proven high-pressure pump, safety devices and thermal monitoring ensure that the unit can withstand even the toughest operating conditions.

  • Robust stainless steel housing in hygienic design
  • Hose reel SRC (for maximum 40 m pressure hose)
  • Chemical injector for foam cleaning and disinfection
Mobile cleaning systems CN 130


Simple handling.
Optimized cleaning results.
Save on ressources.

Технические характеристики

Delivery capacity:

10 - 28 l/min / 2,5-7 gal/min

Operating pressure:

30 - 130 bar / 435 - 1885 psi

Motor capacity:

4 kW / 5 hp

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