When cleaning power is brought right to the point, 

then it's  next level cleaning.

Cleaning all around Rotating nozzle system RD

The cleaning head with rotating nozzles creates a three-dimensional spray pattern. The robust design puts the cleaning power where it is needed. The stainless steel cleaning head can withstand the toughest demands of cleaning heavy soiling.

With its special design and sophisticated self-cleaning feature, the nozzle system can be used for a wide variety of applications and industries:

  • mixer cleaning (concrete, coatings etc.)
  • container cleaniong for IBC or drums

In mixer cleaning, the cleaning head is permanently integrated into the mixers. A range of mounting aids and extensions allows the cleaning head to be individually adapted to the cleaning task.

  • Central water supply from outside via rotary feedthrough
  • Powerful gear motor for reliable start-up
  • Nozzle head with 2-5 nozzles brings the cleaning power where it is needed
Cleaning all around Rotating nozzle system RD


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