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Multi-pump units in modular design

Multi-pump unit MRS*

  • PLC-controlled
  • activation and deactivation of the pumps according to the specific needs – no circulating water
  • flow-dependent safety activation avoids continuous reactivation of the pumps in case of pressure loss e.g. due to leakage
  • variable and economical pressure/pump capacity ratio
  • low water consumption
  • temperature safety device
  • creation of fine-pored foam and low consumption of cleaning products

technical data

  • gun operation: 2-25 spraying facilities for simultaneous operation
  • number of pumps: 2-12, depending on pump type and motor capacity
  • pump capacity: 20-300 l/min
  • operating pressure: 30-200 bar
  • motor capacity: 4-11 kW/ pump unit

* also available in explosion-proof version and/or all parts in contact with the product in stainless steel.

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