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Special connectors for pressure / vacuum applications and for vertical movement

For applications under stronger vacuum and / or vertical movement (e.g. attaching / detaching the connector to various height containers), the BFM® connectors may be supplied with one or more enforcement ring(s) or a wire coil. Advantages are:

  • Contraction of the hose due to the vacuum is limited. Contact between the product and the connector wall is minimized, hence abrasion and staining of the connector can be largely avoided.
  • As the rings are added to the connector from the outside, the inside remains smooth and product can flow through freely without building up in any pockets.
  • If moved up and down, the connector remains open on the inside as the material can fold up in a controlled fashion. Free product flow becomes possible even in various filling heights.

For use of BFM® connectors in places with temporary or continuous pressure, we recommend using a BFM® Kevlar cover over the standard BFM® Seeflex connector. This cover can also be attached and detached tool-free and stops the Seeflex material from over-stretching under pressure, hence avoiding premature damage to the connector material.

BFM® connectors are also available with an enforced snap band which can not be opened by hand anymore. A special opening tool is available. The enforced snap ring provides a dust-tight connection even if working in an underpressure atmosphere.

As the pressure and vacuum resistance of any BFM® connector depends on many factors, please contact us for more details. We are happy to discuss your individual requirements with you to find your perfect BFM® solution.


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