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The BFM® connector material of choice is  Seeflex 040E, our allround talent for most applications

  • Highly  transparent
  • Perfect combination of flexibility, tear strength and stretch resistance
  • Superior abrasion resistance compared to most other hose connector materials such as rubber, silicone, fabrics etc.
  • Good resistance against most common chemical components and cleaning substances
  • Wide temperature resistance for most production- and cleaning environments
  • 100% dust, water and gas tight
  • Certified conformance with the current EU and FDA regulations for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry *
  • Atex certified for use in dust-ex zones  20-22*

For various special applications there are alternative BFM® connector materials available. Such applications could be e.g.:

  • Connectors for highly sensitive weighing cells
  • Applications with very high / low temperatures
  • Extraordinarily aggressive chemicals / cleaning substances
  • Connectors that also function as filters or which for some reason need to be made from breathable materials
  • Special Atex requirements (e.g. gas-ex zones 0-2)

Please contact us with your individual requirements for a customized offer.

*Please contact us for details.

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