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BFM® blind cap

Your equipment inlets and outlets which are equipped with a BFM® spigot may also be closed securely with the BFM® blind cap. These are available for all standard BFM® diameters. Therefore, when your equipment is not in use or down for cleaning purposes, the connecting parts can be closed off to avoid dirt getting into the equipment, cleaning liquids exiting the process, humidity rising up into e.g. silos, product remainders dusting out of the openings etc.

BFM® blind caps are also perfect as visual control windows on the top of e.g. your sifter or mixer.

If needed, the blind caps can also be supplied in lengths of 100 mm or more (in 50 mm increments) and can then function as a collecting bag e.g. for your sifter-overs.

Please contact us for your customized offer.

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